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Weddings are not weddings without the photographers clicking away with their fancy DSLR cameras. Wedding photography is extremely important to the bride and groom at their wedding. These photos are what will remind them of this special day for years to come as a happily married couple. Tamil wedding photographers are ready to make this day as incredible and memorable as you want it to be. Photography is not something that just anyone can do. Photography involves various factors that need to be taken into consideration. The happy couple will not want an album filled with botched photos.

South Indian photographers London will capture the subject in their most natural pose and make the couple feel comfortable during the shoot. They will achieve this by combining composition and light so that the image looks absolutely stunning. These photos are worth keeping and can be treasured throughout a lifetime of marriage.

See the wedding photos taken by TamilRockers best Tamil wedding photographers London. Natural, candid photography of Tamil Hindu wedding ceremony in London UK

The bride and groom need to take the time to choose a photographer that they are completely satisfied with. There are quite a few people who do this as a side job or to earn extra money. In such cases, the couple can ask for prior work before making their selection. There are numerous Tamil photographers in London who work with professional companies or as individual freelancers and you can choose from any of them. Some couples tend to consider the cheaper wedding photographers to serve at the auspicious occasion. While it is important that you stay within the wedding budget, hiring the cheapest one will not get you anywhere. Remember that your wedding photos are meant to serve as precious memories. Therefore, it is important that you ensure that the photographer you hire captures priceless moments!

In the case of a Tamil wedding in London, the Tamil bride will often want unique wedding photos. It is the duty of the photographer to understand what is required of him. Tamil weddings are generally traditional affairs with large crowds filling the wedding ceremony. Tamils have extended families and the celebration will most likely be huge. Indian wedding photographers need to be aware of the traditions and timing of how and when the picture needs to be taken. Professional wedding photographers usually participate in a variety of ceremonies and not all of them are of Tamil tradition.

Your Tamil Wedding Photography by TamilRockers

The present Internet world don’t need introduction for Tamilrockers - At present there is Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, Pinterest was ruling the photo business world. There are many websites in languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam that compete in publishing photograhy on these social websites. The Tamilrockers.

Your wedding day is the most important day in your life, because it may never happen again in your life. No one ever thinks or dreams of a second wedding day in their life, just once and done for life. Getting married is not just any dream, it is the most expensive dream of your life. You invest a lot of money, time, emotional feelings and if you fail you lose a lot which will affect you financially, physically and emotionally.

For years you have had images of your wedding day in your head, unfortunately you can't snap your fingers and magically create the images in your head, but on your wedding day you capture the moments to treasure for life (well, most of us do, unless it's not a "happy ending").

In the good old days, people had no choice but to photograph the day, and they didn't have many options other than hiring a photographer. Once the pictures were taken, they kept them in their living room. I am talking about wedding pictures hanging on the wall in Indian homes, especially in small towns in India. This tradition has almost disappeared now.

Now, at most Indian weddings, I've seen a lot of people taking pictures of the couple thanks to cell phone cameras, because every phone has a camera and a video recorder. This has affected the photography industry; people don't want to hire photographers for weddings anymore and instead do it themselves, which of course they regret later because professionals do the job better and you don't get a second chance.

People don't want printed pictures these days and they don't want photo albums because no one will ever see them and they are just kept in storage for years. Of course, this is just my opinion and I have been proven wrong by millions of people in the past as people still have photographers at their weddings.

Nowadays many photographers cover the wedding and give you the pictures on a USB drive, it's better and costs less than printed wedding albums. It is also more environmentally friendly as many people want to see the pictures on personal Ipad devices and cell phones; they can even display them on the home page of the computer to see the moment every day and they can also upload the pictures to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Whatsapp.

In the past, weddings only had one photographer, but today family members, friends and guests are becoming professional photographers on the day. Thanks to cell phone cameras, your wedding pictures will be sent around the world in no time, they will even be seen by others before you!

We have videos of weddings and it was considered personal and would only be seen by family and friends, but now it is all available to the world as every bride and groom will find many wedding videos on YouTube.

The world changes every day but the pictures of your wedding day will not, they will remain for the rest of your life. This is just my opinion and you may not agree with me.

Tamil Weddings and Their Distinctive Style

The wedding venue decorated in shades of red and gold reflects the simplicity of Tamil culture; however, the people of Tamil Nadu are very lavish when it comes to following traditions with utmost precision. A typical Tamil wedding is a beautiful amalgamation of various rituals and the ceremony lasts for 6-7 days. Tamil weddings are not as extravagant as North Indian weddings, but the authentic rituals that Tamils still follow with precision make them very special. Below is a brief overview of the small rituals that take place at a modern Tamil wedding and their significance:

Panda Kaal Muhurtham

The ceremonies begin with Panda Kaal Muhurutham, a ritual that takes place before the wedding. In this ritual, the families of the bride and groom worship God for an undisturbed, peaceful and joyful wedding.

Sumangali Prarthanai - a puja for the married women.

Sumanglis are the women who are blessed with a harmonious married life. In Sumangli Prarthana, about 3, 5, 7 or 9 Sumangli women are called. The ladies are treated to the authentic South Indian food and the bride-to-be asks for their blessings to have a successful married life.

Pallikai Thellichal

In Pallikai Thellichal, 9 types of grains are mixed together with curd and the mixture is kept in earthen pots. The pots are then immersed in the water to feed the fish. The ritual is considered auspicious for the beginning of the couple's new life.

Naandi Shrardham

At Nandi Shardam, 10 Brahmins are called and they are feasted with fruits, coconut, flowers, sweets, paan supari, etc. After the feast, the Brahmins are asked to give blessings to the couple.


Nichayathartham is another name for engagement in Tamil. At Nichayathartham, the couple is formally engaged and further preparations for the wedding rituals begin.

Lagna Pathirikai

Lagna Pathirikai means "wedding invitation" in Tamil. After the engagement, the wedding date is set and the wedding invitations are sent to the guests.

Mangala Snaanam (purifying bath)

Mangala Snanam is the purifying bath that the bride and groom take before proceeding with the other wedding rituals. Before Mangala Snanam, Haldi, Kumkum and oil are applied to the skin of the bride and groom.

Kashi Yatra

One of the interesting ceremonies that take place in Tamil weddings is Kashi Yatra. In the Kashi Yatra ritual, the groom pretends to leave the ceremonies. The father of the bride then asks the groom to stop and asks him to marry his daughter.

Pada Puja

At Pada Puja, the bride's mother washes the groom's feet with water. The paste of kumkum and chandan is first applied to the groom's feet and then the bride's mother washes his feet with water. After that, the bride is called to the mandap.

Maalai Maatral

During Maalai Matral, the bride and groom exchange garlands. The garlands are exchanged three times to mark the beginning of the couple's sacred union.


Kanyadanam is usually referred to as "Kanyadan" in the North. During Kanyadan, the father hands over his daughter to the groom. The groom promises the bride's father that he will take care of her for the rest of his life.

Muhurtham and Saptapadi

After Kanyadanam, the ceremony of Muhurtham takes place where the groom stuffs kumkum in the bride's hair part and ties thaali around her neck.

Sammandhi Maryathai

In Sammandhi Maryathai, the two families give gifts to each other and then the bride leaves her parents' house.

All the above ceremonies make Tamil marriages different from the others. Now imagine the fun Tamil wedding photographers have capturing this wondrous wedding ritual. In days gone by these wedding rituals used to last for 16-17 days, but some of the rituals have now been shortened to meet the time requirements of the modern world.

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