Tamil Weddings

Traditionally Tamil weddings followed the customs of ancient texts of Hinduism - The Vedas . In the21st centuary a modern touch incorporated in the ceremony for the amore of both the bride and groom. For those who would like to know the meaning, Amore is Italian word for "LOVE". How appropiate a word when two people are getting married.

Weddinf customs vary greatly between ethnic groups and religions. So its apt to talk here about Tamil weddings: rituals, difference between Sri Lankan tamil wedding and Hindu Tamil wedding ceremony clearly explained. And some questions answered that people want answers to.

How long is a Tamil Wedding?

The actual Tamil wedding cermony is around 90 minutes. That being said with all the pre wedding rituals like Ganesh puja, the gifting of the saree for the bride, the dancing when the groom arrives - the wedding portion will be 7 to 8 hours. Then there will be the evening reception for the 1st dance and cake cutting.

What happens in a Tamil Wedding?

Weddings are multiple day affair, lots of pre wedding events both at the brides and groom's family homes.

On the actual wedding day, the brahmin priest will conduct the marriage ceremony with the bride and groom making their eternal vows in front of the sacred fire.

Their parents and respected guests witnessing their union. Fresh fruit, sweets, giving of gifts is all part of the ritual.

Then there will be the tamil wedding photos, an extra special wedding feast for all the guests. After all the rituals and ceremonies, there is fun and games that the newly wed couple will play.